Kids always remember the first time they bought them a dream playhouse. Home toys are plain and unadorned, but in that house, kids bring to life all kinds of stories and sagas. Want to give your kids that same kind of space(playhouse) to create adventures? Check out our website to discover our favourite playhouses for kids. Choose from traditional and modern playhouses for kids. Also, here you can look for the perfect outdoor playhouse or a kids playhouse to use indoors. We offer you a variety of children's plastic playhouses and wood playhouses. They are perfect for indoors as well as outdoor use. Your toddler will love to play in one of our contemporary outdoor playhouses. These fun playhouses for kids' cottages come with a slide attached. Transform the backyard of your house into a cute little cottage with a playhouse. You can add a few plants and fairy lights to make it even cozier.

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Playhouse for Kids

Turn the inside of your home into a dream hangout for your kids with cool playhouses. For kids, you can also kit it out with toy kitchens and other role playsets for a realistic house feel. And make their playhouse extra cosy with bean bags, rugs and more.

Indoor Playhouse for Kids

Let your children imagine their worlds and dimensions. Let them play in their indoor playhouses and colourful children’s tent. Make learning fun with our indoor playhouses for kids. They are here to help develop your child’s fine motor skills. Spend some family fun within the indoor wooden playhouse with a basket hoop that can double up as a door hamper.

Plastic Playhouse

Check out our durable and colourful plastic playhouses for kids. We offer different designs of plastic playhouses from leading brands. They're the exact thing you want for your younger children. Whether you opt for a cottage, a log cabin or their very own castle, we have all playhouses options available. For older little ones, our stunning plastic playhouses are the best to enjoy a space that's all their own. Our plastic playhouses have various designs and two-storey lodges to double the fun.

Wood Playhouse

Convert an ordinary wooden playhouse into your kid's little dream house. Explore fun decorating ideas you can do together. We have presented wooden playhouses that come flat-packed. You assemble at home or anywhere outside. Instruction manuals will guide you to set your kid's dream wooden house. So, you can carry wooden playhouses along with you on your short beach trips.

Outdoor Playhouse with Slide

Browse our range of outdoor playhouses for lots of great options. We have something that suits all spaces, no matter how large or small your garden is. You should check our selection of pop-up play tents. Our outdoor playhouses with slides are ideal for gardens and backyards. These outdoor playhouses with slides are a great addition to your garden. It is available in a wide range of shades and sizes.

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